More About Christian.TV

In Luke 4:43 Jesus tells the people of Capernaum this: “I must proclaim the good news of the kingdom of God to the other towns also, because that is why I was sent.” As leaders following in His footsteps we are all called to proclaim the Good News in other towns, others states, even other countries, to the ends of the earth. With the best in today’s technologies Christian.TV gives you the ability to do just that, faster, cleaner and with the highest quality possible.

Christian.TV gives you the tools and allows you to do what you do best: preach the Good News. Instead of walking from town-to-town in sandals under the hot desert sun, we give you your very own Cloud Storage so that all viewers can watch any “live” streamed event from your church or select any Video on Demand you choose.

But we don’t just stop there in spreading the word, Christian.TV goes even further with your content by connecting your Church’s Youtube page, Facebook Page, Twitter Page and more with just one click of a button. Your church videos can either be watched on your website or we can help you set up your own page to host all of your video.

Christian.TV makes it easy to get started, no need to call in your best technical advisors to help you figure things out, we send you all the credentials you need and through simple video tutorials we help you set up your account and in no time you’re ready to reach out beyond what you ever imagined.

So what happens after you’ve set it all up? Well, you can be assured that Christian.TV doesn’t walk away and leave it all up to you, we have an 800 number connected to a live technical support representative or you can chat on line with a technician or send us a email to help, we will always be there to assure that your message is heard.

Christian.TV wants to assist you in getting your message out to as many people as you want, no hidden agendas, no contracts and you will always own the rights to your videos. Click here to find the best package and benefits for you and your ministry or contact us for further information or to set up a more custom solution and we will partner with you today and tomorrow and beyond.“Christian TV…Reach the World”